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Join your hosts Vinny Chenz and Big Joe as they go on trips to Atlantic city, Las Vegas and various casinos across the country.  Hear stories about sports betting, fantasy sports, craps, poker and blackjack while showing you it's possible to gamble on almost anything.   

Seven out is released bi-weekly and recorded in Nassau County, NY.

Oct 3, 2019

In this weeks episode, Vinny Chenz takes a trip to MGM Springfield, but ends up eating himself into a food coma. The boys also go over some Football updates, why you may not want to use a Bookie, and finish up with some fan emails and Lost Vegas Tape #6.

  • MGM Springfield
    • BIG E - Eating like a Pig
    • Dispensary (YOU KNOW…. MARY JANE)
    • Craps, Pai Gow, Slots, Wheel Of Fortune
  • Football Updates
    • Podcast Superiority Pool
    • Futures Bets
    • Bad beat with Antonio Brown
  • We Sold Out
  • Joe’s Cautionary Tale
  • Chiropractor – Pai Gow Story
  • New Reviews
  • Fan Video from the Bally’s Sport Book
  • Emails
    • Joe inspires all the fat slobs out there
    • Bankroll Management / Paying Taxes
    • Poker Dealer Cashes In
    • Half Speed Craps Talk
  • Hollywood Horror Nights
  • Lost Vegas Tape #6
    • Pinball Hall of Fame
    • Colossus WSOP Event
    • Blue Ribbon / Old Fashioned Crawl at Cosmo

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